The Roundle USB speaker on a desk, with a notepad, computer and coffee cup.

The Roundle

Plug and play

Host meetings in moments

Noise cancelling

Roundle brings you together

Whatever your location, Roundle brings the team together.

Roundle USB Conference Speaker

Plug & Play USB connection, for PC & Mac.

Loud and clear for your whole team to hear

• Cleans up your audio feed with noise cancelling technology 

Simple interface with only 4 buttons and indicator lights

• Roundle 18 Month warranty as standard

• Perfect for working from home

• Compatible with Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Skype, Zoom, VOIP, and any other video conferencing or calling software.

Roundle Reviews

Bought this for my elderly mum and dad to help them with their zoom calls. Incredibly easy to use.

Happy customer

This was the best speaker out of many I bought and returned. This one worked the best and sounded great!


This makes conference calls so much more bearable, people sounding like they're in the room with you. I've tried this on small and large conference calls and it's easy to use - just plug and play - and gives clear sonorous tones.


Overall a slickly packaged product which punches well above its weight. Can't recommend it highly enough.

Impressed Customer

The sound quality is superb. It seems to filter out background noise such as typing and passing traffic. The speaker sound is not music standard but is really clear for speech and I am amazed by the quality. I have started using it for Zoom and MS Teams meetings and, again, the quality is excellent.

Amazed Customer